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Informational: NRS - Kayaking Gear, Rafting Supplies and Boating Equipment

…Camping Fishing media stream Guide Reflections on the Owyhee » Their job may be your vacation, but being a guide isn’t just charging whitewater and presenting five-star Dutch oven entrees. After a dreary trip on the Owyhee, Andy Hinton reflects on the challenges faced, and accepted,…

Informational: 12 Reasons To Start Paddling

…Any idea how many hot springs there are along waterways? Let’s see … the lower canyons of the Rio Grande, the Salmon in Idaho, the Owyhee in Oregon … Here’s the image: You’re floating along on a misty, hypothermia-prone day when you notice steam rising from a pool…

Informational: How Sun Protection Works

…Josh is pretty well protected: Kavu Hat, NRS HydroSilk Shirt and Boater's Gloves. The sun gets intense in the desert country along Oregon's Owyhee River. © Ashley Niles Is an SPF 30 sunscreen twice as effective as an SPF 15? No. An SPF 15 sunscreen blocks approximately 93% of the sun’s…

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