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USED NRS Big Earl Inflatable SUP Board - Closeout - Item #87500.49
Get up, stand up and get into the stand up paddling world! The NRS SUP Board is your ticket to adventure and exercise, whether you're gliding on calm water or challenging big waves. Inflatable, rigid, fun! * Stand up paddling is taking the watersports world by storm. You can get a full body workout…

On Sale: $730.00 $1045.00

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NRS Women's Mayra Inflatable SUP Board - Item #86113.01
…an inflatable SUP board designed to provide more deck space and stability for better workouts on the water. SUP yoga fans and fitness paddlers will especially love this design. * The Mayra gives you a stable platform for your on-the-water workouts, whether fitness paddling, doing yoga or spicing…


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NRS Super Pump - Item #80016.01
…high-pressure pump that's perfect for today's drop-stitch inflatable stand up paddle and body boards. Inflates to 20 psi with ease. * Included pressure gauge takes the guesswork out of inflating your boat or board. * This low-volume, single-action, two-hand pump lets you inflate to pressures up…


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NRS Women's Valencia Inflatable SUP Board - Item #86115.01
…the board for easy carrying. * Webbing handles at the nose and tail help you hold on to the board during a swim. * Four stainless D-rings give you attachment points for gear and a leash. * Includes a high-pressure pump for easy inflation, a pressure gauge, and a backpack for transporting the board.


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NRS Baron 6 Inflatable SUP Board - Item #86099.01
…touring, fitness paddling and even SUP yoga. * With 358 liters of air volume, the 6-inch-thick Baron 6 is our highest-volume board, providing optimal performance and stability for paddlers 250+ lbs. * Inflates to a rock-hard 15 psi for performance that rivals a hard board, then rolls up compactly…



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NRS Reel Fishing SUP Board - Closeout - Item #84200.01
…like no other. * Enjoy the ultimate in sight fishing adventure while paddling the bays, shoals, shallows, bayous, swamps, streams and sloughs on the Reel. * Our unique drop-stitch PVC construction lets you inflate this board to 15 psi. That's engineering talk for "rock hard." * At 3 feet wide and…


On Sale: $999.95 $1095.00

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NRS Czar 6 Inflatable SUP Board - Item #86106.01
board. No need for a roof rack! * 6" thick PVC drop-stitch inflates to 15 psi air pressure for a rigid, no-flex ride that responds to your every paddle stroke and body movement. * At 34" inches wide and 9' long, the Czar is built to catch and surf waves like no other inflatable SUP board. * When…



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NRS Earl 6 Inflatable SUP Board - Item #86098.01
…Inflatable SUP Board gives you the same sleek, swift ride as the original Earl 4, but in a 6-inch-thick design with more air volume for larger paddlers. * Designed for efficient paddling and smooth turning, this is a great all-around stand-up paddle board for fitness paddling, touring, river running…



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Carlisle Taboo Kayak & Stand Up Paddle - Item #75012.01
The stand up paddle that's also a kayak paddle! Innovative design lets you easily switch from SUP to kayak mode. Gives you one paddle for two sports, or you can paddle your SUP board sitting down. * Includes two T-grip handles, which let you adjust the length of the stand-up paddle from 75" to 82"…



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NRS Youth Jester Inflatable SUP Board - Item #86116.01
paddling comfort by reducing the distance narrower shoulders need to reach. * 3" thick drop stitch construction provides ample stiffness without the "corky" characteristics thicker boards can exhibit under lighter loads. * Whether you looking for some downriver action, flatwater cruising or paddling


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NRS Baron 4 Inflatable SUP Board - Item #86102.02
…built to glide, the 11'4" NRS Baron 4 Inflatable SUP is the board of choice for paddlers seeking smooth cruising on rivers, lakes and bays. * The big, stable Baron 4 gives you a sturdy platform for river running, touring, fitness paddling and even SUP yoga, and the tapered tail makes it surprisingly…


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Guide To Stand-Up Paddling DVD - Item #67048.01
Learn to stand up paddle or improve your SUP skills with the Ultimate Guide to Stand Up Paddling DVD. Follow the detailed step-by-step video instructions and you'll be on your way to mastering this exciting sport. * A great instructional video for beginning to experienced stand up paddlers. *…


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