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Informational: Boaters and Dehydration

…for us to pee. If you’re boating through a built-up area where there’s no privacy, out in open water where there’s no place to stop, or in a mixed group, you may find yourself cutting back of drinking so you don’t have to pee. Solution: master the use of a pee bottle—a…

Informational: Nutrition: Fueling the Fires Within

…energy levels. * Cold also reduces your urge to drink fluids. We often avoid drinking because increased clothing layers make it more difficult to pee. Dry winter air pulls a lot of water out of our body. As we breathe, water humidifies the air going into our lungs and is then exhaled (hence,…

Informational: Let's Stop the Senseless Loss of Life

…of next of kin.” And least we are quick to smugly dismiss this as just a phenomenon of bozos in Hypermart boats without the sense to pour pee out of a boot; it happens to real rafters and kayakers too. I recall sitting in a campsite up on the Snake River in Hells Canyon on a layover day.…

Informational: Too Much Heat or Not Enough

…in drywear and wetsuits. It’s a hassle to strip down to urinate, or in the case of sea kayakers, it’s difficult to get to shore or pee while in the boat. We’re exercising, generating heat, perhaps overdressed and not drinking adequate fluids. Symptoms of dehydration include…

Informational: Clyde's 2006 Grand Canyon Blog

…in the folding oven. — About a roll of Costco toilet paper a day worked out for our size group. We helped the ladies with the “all pee goes into the river” rule by having a 5-gal. plastic pail w/ its own seat that we put at the groover site. — A large roll of paper towels…

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