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Pfd Hydration Pack

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Informational: NRS PFD Hydration Pack Instructions

NRS PFD Hydration Pack Instructions Filling the bladder: * Before using your NRS Hydration Pack for the first time, you should rinse out the inner bladder using clean water. This will help remove any plastic taste from the material. * We recommend filling the bladder only with water. Other liquids…

Informational: Packing for International Paddling

…Enough Said. This is the most cumbersome item of all. I pack it on the bottom of my bag or, if I’m flying a boat, I stuff it in the stern. Pack all of your safety equipment: rescue knife, pulleys, carabiners, etc, in your PFD and pack it in the checked bag. It’s a sad day when that…

Informational: Boaters and Dehydration

…of keeping the boat under control can make us delay replenishing our fluids. Solution: use a hydration system like the PFD Hydration Pack. A deck-mounted unit like the Camelbak Cortez Hydration Pack is a handy source for kayakers. In some cases, it may just be possible to take frequent breaks…

Informational: Multiday Sea Kayaking

…good filter (some types actually screw on to the water bottle) also make for a refreshing and fully-hydrated paddle trip. Another option is a hydration pack that attaches to a life jacket. As far as safety equipment goes, accessories like a flashlight, first-aid kit, and strobe light are essential…

Informational: Gear Checklist Fishing Gear

…Gear Need Have Loaded Items Boat Frame Oars Paddle Anchor PFD Pumps Fishing License Rods Reels Line Tackle Boxes Net Fish Scale Gaff Tape Measure Fillet Knife Sharpener Clippers Maps Bug Repellent Sun Screen Dry Bags Coolers Duffel Bags Medical Kit Flashlight/Headlamp Water Bottle/Hydration Pack

Informational: Gear Checklist Sea Kayaking Gear

…Have Loaded Items Boat Flotation Bags PFD Sprayskirt Paddle Spare Paddle – Breakdown Paddle Leash Paddle Float Kayak Tow Line Bilge Pump Sponge Whistle Knife Strobe Light Radio Signal Mirror Deck Compass Maps/Map Case Sun Glasses Eyeglass Retainer Deck Bag Dry Bags Water Bottle/Hydration Pack

Informational: Gear Checklist Whitewater Gear

Gear Checklist Whitewater Gear WW Kayaking Checklist Need Have Loaded Items Boat Flotation Bags PFD Spray Skirt Paddle Spare Paddle – Breakdown Helmet Knife Whistle Throw Bag Nose Plugs Un-Pin kit Cash & Vehicle Keys for Shuttle Dry Bag Water Bottle/Hydration Pack

Informational: Fall Boating Safety

Pack a small dry bag with your cell phone if there’s reception in the area, some warm clothes, first aid kit, emergency shelter like a light weight tarp or emergency bivvy sack, and some high-energy snacks. * Keep Your Motor Running: This time of year you need proper nutrition and hydration to…

Informational: “Living” With Kids on Boating Trips

…Their bodies are growing and they get hungry often. Pack lots of healthy snacks. Good ones are cheese sticks, summer sausage, crackers, pretzels, dried fruit, trail mix, grapes, apples and oranges. * It’s important that they stay well hydrated. Get them their own water bottle; put their name…

Showing 1 - 9 of 9