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NRS Outlaw Raft Handle - Item #84037.01

…from the water. PVC material lets you bond it to other PVC and urethane boats. * Tough PVC material covers the 1.75" webbing handle. * The 12.5" x 6" PVC patch provides a large gluing surface and disperses the load across a broad area for superior strength. * Use it to add extra handles to your boat…


NRS Freestone Drifter Inflatable Drift Boat - Item #84062.04

…It's perfect for those technical streams where the fishing's great but a rigid drift boat hull isn't practical. * The self-bailing inflatable hull handles rocks and shallow water like a raft while tracking as stealthily as a traditional drift boat. * The 14' Freestone's smaller size and lower hull…


NRS Outlaw IK Handle - Item #84038.02

Replace the handle on your NRS Outlaw Inflatable Kayak (IK), or glue it to another PVC IK or pontoon boat. * 5" long rubber grip gives a comfortable hand hold for carrying your boat. * 4" diameter patches give plenty of gluing area to support lifting the weight of an IK or smaller inflatable. Not…


NRS SUP Board Handle - Item #86108.01

Glue the NRS SUP Board Handle to your board or other smaller inflatable for extra tiedown and carrying convenience. * Strong 1" double-layer webbing handle is anchored to two 2.5" x 4" PVC-coated patches. * Glue to PVC inflatables with Clifton Urethane Adhesive or Stabond Adhesive. Stabond can also…


NRS Firepan Storage Bag - Item #55007.03

…your tubes. * Rugged PVC material handles the abuse of boating adventures. * Clamshell zipper makes packing and unpacking easy. * Six webbing loops let you easily strap your firepan to your boat. * The firepan bag's features are rounded out with webbing carry handles and reinforced corners.


NRS Expedition DriDuffel Dry Bag - Item #55038.01

…closes with the waterproof TIZIP® zipper, giving your gear the ultimate protection against water. * Constructed with heavy-duty PVC, the Expedition DriDuffel can handle the roughest terrain and the hardiest adventurer. * Webbing chains offer ample attachment points to secure other items to the…


$179.95 - $249.95

NRS Outlaw 120D Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #86037.01

…floor insert." * Will handle up to 6 paddlers. * Frame wear patches on top of the tubes and extra material on the bottoms of the side tubes protect against abrasion and wear. * 12 stainless steel 2" D-rings provide plenty of tie-down points for frame and gear. * Four handles make carrying it to the…


NRS SUP Board Travel Pack - Item #55040.01

…terrain with exhausting itineraries, replacement and/or back-up bags are never a bad idea. * Constructed from super durable 18 oz PVC, this carry bag can easily handle the wear and tear of weekend rallies in packed rigs and abuse from impatient airline bag handlers. * Use the internal compression…



NRS Outlaw 130 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #86038.01

…will make you smile. * This versatile 13' Outlaw raft features 18" tubes and a 6'3" width, providing ample carrying capacity along with sporty handling. * Super heavy-duty tube and floor material shrug off hard boating abuse. * A 4" thick drop-stitch floor insert inflates to a rigid 8-10 psi, giving…



NRS Outlaw 140 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #86039.01

…of the side tubes protect against abrasion and wear. * 12 stainless steel 2" D-rings give plenty of tie-down points for frame and gear. * Four handles make carrying it to the water a breeze. * Three main-tube air chambers keep you afloat in the event of an accident. * Self-bailing floor with…



NRS 110L Heavy-Duty Bill's Bag - Item #55011.02

…without worry. * Constructed with heavy-duty 21 oz PVC/polyester body, the Bill's Bags will outlast a generation worth of adventures. * The 34 oz PVC bottom extends six inches up the sides for extra wear protection. * This massive dry bag can expand for over 6700 cubic inches of storage capacity…



G/flex 650-K Epoxy Repair Kit - Item #50200.01

…syringes, four grams adhesive filler (colloidal silica), four mixing cups, one pair disposable gloves, four alcohol cleaning pads and complete handling and repair instructions. * Mixed G/flex 650 is of a heavy "syrup" consistency. It will run off a vertical surface. The adhesive filler that comes…



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