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NRS EasyCarry Raft Handles - Item #37356.01
Many hands make light work. The more handles you have on your boat the more hands can help carry it. * Exclusive EasyCarry™ Handles are comfortable to grip and extremely durable. * Six inch molded rubber grip covers a webbing handle on a 12" x 5" Pennel Orca® patch.



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NRS Pennel Orca Raft Handles - Item #37365.01
NRS Pennel Orca® Raft handles provide a strong, durable grip for carrying your raft or cataraft to and from the water. Best for use with Pennel Orca® and Hypalon® inflatable boats. * This raft handle can take all the use and abuse you can throw at it, even in the most hostile environments.…


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Bow/Stern D-Ring Carrying Handles - Item #37355.01
Combine our EasyCarry™ Handle with a 2" D-ring and you've got the ultimate addition to your boat. This triangle patch is standard on the bow and stern of all E-series rafts. * Pennel Orca® material is strong and abrasion resistant. * A 6" handle provides a reliable hold. * The stainless…


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AIRE Thwart Handle - Item #37310.01
raft with the AIRE Thwart Handle. Wraps around thwarts up to 17" in diameter. * When you hit the big stuff, grabbing your Thwart Handle can be your last chance of avoiding that big swim. * Two 5" long rubber handles double your chances for holding on. * The 4.5" x 12" pad that holds the handles


NRS Gusto Replacement Handle - Item #80053.01
Replacement handle for the NRS Gusto pump.


NRS Barrel Pump Handle - Item #80092.01
Replacement Handle for the 5" NRS Barrel Pump.


NRS Barrel Pump Handle and Shaft - Item #80091.01
Replacement Handle and Shaft for the 5" NRS Barrel Pump.



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NRS Big Sky Cooler Replacement Handle - Item #70922.01
Replacement handle for all of the NRS Big Sky coolers.


Igloo Cooler Replacement Handle - Wood & Rope - Item #70892.01
Factory Igloo® wood and rope replacement handle for 128-162 quart Marine coolers. * Includes one wooden handle, rope and mounting bracket. * Does not include mounting screws. * Handle: 1 1/4" diameter x 9" long. * Bracket: 7" wide x 2" high.


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CUSTOM NRS Expedition Livery 106 Standard Floor Raft - Closeout - Item #87500.57
The 10'6" Livery™ 106 raft has enough room for 6 paddlers or a couple of friends and a basic rowing frame. 5' wide to maneuver the tight fishing holes. * This custom boat's 48/1670 heavy-duty Pennel Orca® material is super abrasion, chemical and UV-resistant for unmatched durability.. *…

On Sale: $2000.00 $2500.00

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NRS E-140 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #85045.01
When you need an inflatable raft that can do it all, look no further than the versatile NRS E-140. This ultra tough 14 footer is great for fishing, muiltiday outings and adrenaline-filled crew paddling. * 20" tubes and 7' width provide the stability, control and maneuverability difficult rivers…



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NRS E-150 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #85052.01
When your rafting hobby becomes a passion, it's time to consider the outfitter-grade NRS E-150. This super burly 15' raft is ideal for extended multiday floats or tackling serious whitewater with a crew. * 20" tubes and 7' width provide the stability, control and maneuverability difficult rivers…


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