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Rain Tarp

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Informational: Too Much Heat or Not Enough

…“hypothermia wrap” can be made from items usually found on any on-the-water or backcountry trip. You need a waterproof outer layer (tarp, tent fly, rain canopy), sleeping pads (River Beds, Paco Pad/Therma-A-Rest, foam type) for insulation from the ground, sleeping bags (or blankets, dry…

Informational: Gear Checklist Personal Camping Necessities

Gear Checklist Personal Camping Necessities Personal Gear Need Have Loaded Items Dry Bag Tent w/ Rain Fly Ground Cloth/Tarp Sleeping Bag Sleeping Bag Liner/Sheet Pillow Sleeping Pad Cot Foul-Weather Gear Personal Hygiene Items Headlamp/Flashlight Extra Batteries Towel Washcloth Eating Utensils…

Informational: Clyde's 2006 Grand Canyon Blog

…I lay back down and looked at my watch — 12:05. My first birthday present, not having to try to survive under a clammy tarp while getting pounded by rain! I woke a little before 5, still pretty dark. Went to the groover then looked at the still partially full shower bag and said…

Informational: Packing for International Paddling

…Lightweight Rain Jacket: * Some people argue that a dry top will suffice for a rain jacket. In my experience, when it starts to dump, it’s rare to find someone that wants to don a soggy drytop with rubber gaskets, post paddle. Even during overnight self-support trips, I stuff my rain jacket…

Showing 1 - 4 of 4