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Astral YTV PFD - Item #40088.01
…pullovers are lumped in there. Here's what it says on the jacket: "This is a Type V PFD because it has restricted approval allowing it to be used as a Type III PFD only when worn. This device must be worn at all times in order to meet the U.S. Coast Guard regulations requiring PFDs to be carried."



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Owyhee & Bruneau Rivers Guide Book - Item #66000.01
…the Owyhee and Bruneau Rivers. This includes maps of the South and East Forks of the Owyhee and the Jarbridge River. It also contains rules and regulations, boating safety and emergencies, river flow hydrograph and a list of outfitters and wildlife agencies. Author: BLM Copyright: 2011 Size: 11" x…



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Woodland Power Stove - Item #70959.01
…design makes it easy to store and it'ssuper sturdy when assembled. * The high-quality propane regulator lets you adjust theflame from a simmering 5,000 to a blazing 65,000BTU/hour. * UL listed regulator comes with a 48" hose and attachesto bulk propane tanks. * Entire unit weighs only 5-1/2 pounds…



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FSP Fire Blanket for Firepan - Item #70957.01
Use your Fire-Sil Firepan Ground Cloth to keep coals and ashes from fouling campsites and possibly causing wildfires. Great 'Leave No Trace' camping accessory. Meets permit requirements. * Fireproof and durable, the Fire-Sil fabric will give you years of use. * Approximately 5' x 6' (30 sq. ft.),…



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The Firepan - Item #70954.01
…15" x 24" firebox that's elevated to protect the ground. The grill will cook your food and support pots and pans. The 3" depth meets government regulation specs. All parts fit inside the pan, and with the optional aluminum cover and a strap, the whole unit stores and packs easily. Use 4' HD straps…


$45.95 - $199.95

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Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp - Item #71641.01
…light point source to a parallel beam. The unique EOS narrows and widens that beam at the click of the switch. * The Constant Brightness feature regulates the light intensity as long as the batteries have sufficient voltage. * Large switch cycles between the four modes - high, medium, low and blink.…



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Princeton Tec Quad Headlamp - Item #71643.01
…Four Ultrabright LEDs give you up to 150 hours of burn time with three AAA batteries. Super lightweight and waterproof. * Sophisticated circuitry regulates the voltage to the LEDs, giving you maximum brightness longer. * Ultrabright LEDs are the highest quality LED available. They provide a smooth,…



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Primus Profile Stove - Item #70964.02
…this bad boy up a piece of cake even in the wind and rain. * The camp gourmet will appreciate the precision simmer control. * Quick connect flexible hose sets up fast and easy. * Includes hose and regulator. * Fuel types: Disposable propane bottles. * Overall Dimensions: 21.5" x 11.75" x 3.25"


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RiverMaps Green River in Desolation & Gray Canyons Guide Book - Item #66201.01
…is lots of information about the river, the landscape and the flora and fauna. * The front six pages are chock full of BLM contact info and regulations, tribal contact and permit info, weather, geology, archaeology, history, ecology and resource protection wisdom. * No matter what other resources…



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RiverMaps Green & Yampa in Dinosaur National Monument Guide Book - Item #66200.01
…information about the rivers, the landscape and the flora and fauna. * These front eight pages are chock full of Park Service contact info and regulations, weather, geology, archaeology, history, ecology and resource protection wisdom. * No matter what other resources you have, this guidebook is…



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