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NRS Rodeo Split Stern Flotation
NRS Rodeo Split Stern Flotation - Item #50084.01
Short and narrow flotation bags fit on either side of the stern support pillar in today's short freestyle kayaks. Our Infinity series float bags are our most popular flotation bags. Stern float Bags are available as a pair or individually. * We use 10-gauge Urethane material which won't leak or…


$29.95 - $54.95

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Tula Rodeo Hat
Tula Rodeo Hat - Item #13006.01
The Tula Rodeo hat was made for good times and sunny weather. 50+ UPF sun protection, stay-put features and a laid-back cowboy cut make it easy to kick up your heels and enjoy the great outdoors. * Handy leather chinstrap lets you secure it on your head or wear it on your back when indoors. * Cotton…



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NRS Standard Kayak Flotation
NRS Standard Kayak Flotation - Item #50081.01
…bag fills the entire stern compartment of a kayak designed without a center pillar. Available in three sizes to fit everything from the smallest rodeo kayak to the largest recreational boat. * These Infinity series float bags use a 10-gauge Urethane material that won't leak or delaminate! * Small…


$39.95 - $49.95

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EP Double Feature DVDs
EP Double Feature DVDs - Item #67027.01
…The Epicocity is the most epic something could ever be... the biggest wave, gnarliest drop, the most beautiful river. * NRS sponsors "Bigger than Rodeo" and "Mission: Epicocity" as they follow the adventures of NRS team members Karl Moser, LJ Groth, Trip Jennings, and the rest of the EP Crew as they…


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