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Cataract SGG Shaft with Wrap & Stop - Item #77312.01
…oar shaft flexes and rebounds like wood without the weight or need for maintenance. * These oars are wrapped with rope and come with a rubber oar stop. The oar stop needs to be rolled onto the rope. The distance will depend on personal rowing preferences. * 1/8" thick grips cushion the handles. *…


$159.95 - $181.95

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Cataract SGG Counterbalance Shaft with Wrap & Stop - Item #77315.01
…In a day's rowing, you lift that oar out of the water hundreds of times. This takes a lot of the work out of your outing! * Shaft comes with rope wrap and rubber stopper, for quiet rowing. * Blades are sold separately so that you can choose the width and brand that best suits your needs. The…


$172.70 - $188.25

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NRS Atomic Aluminum Oarlocks - Item #77433.01
…to the part's strength is the aligning of the metal's crystalline structure by the heat and stamping. * Durable anodized finish eliminates oxidation and discoloration. * Smooth finish protects oar shafts, rope wrap and oar sleeves from wear. * Includes split rings to keep the oarlock from riding up.


$37.50 - $74.95

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NRS Mini Aluminum Oarlocks - Item #84023.01
…so you're not left with a bent oarlock. * Durable anodized finish eliminates oxidation and discoloration. * Smooth finish protects oar shafts, rope wrap and oar sleeves from wear. * Includes split rings for securing the oarlocks in oar mounts. * Perfect for use with Cataract Mini-Mags and Carlisle…


$29.95 - $59.95

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SMC Mountaineering 8 - Item #45253.01
…gloves, this descender has smooth action on belay or rappel. Works well with either single or double ropes from 8mm to 12.5mm. Additional friction is gained by increasing the number of wraps. Carabiner hole can be used as a belay plate. Constructed from high quality aircraft grade 6061 aluminum…


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Sawyer Square Top DyneLite Oar with Wrap & Stop - Item #77280.01
The extremely light, smooth-rowing Sawyer SquareTop™ Oar has been proven in challenging whitewater. A direct descendent of Sawyer's wooden oars, you'll love rowing this updated classic. * The SquareTop Oar combines the best features of time-tested wooden oars and modern composite technology.…


$319.95 - $399.95

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Sawyer Cobra Oarlocks - Item #77409.01
…superior strength and proven by professionals throughout the world. Deluxe models are threaded with a lock-nut keeper to reduce play. Oars with rope wraps or oar sleeves can sometimes fit snugly in oarlocks.Compare the measurements under the Specs tab to those ofyour oar shaft to ensure a good fit…


$49.95 - $119.95

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NRS Small Molded Oar Sleeve - Item #77416.01
Protect your oar and tighten the open oarlock system with molded oar sleeves. Injection molded polyethylene. Fits all small oars 1 3/8" to 1 5/8" in diameter. We recommend the use of small oar rights or small plastic stoppers with these small molded oar sleeves. Will Fit Sawyer SST Fishing Oars,…



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Smoker Light Drifter Oar - Item #77278.01
…your boating. * Made from one piece of specially selected Northern White Ash for strength, flex and durability. * Full length tapered shafts are rope wrapped (with rubber stopper) for durable, quiet rowing and have a rubber covered grip for comfort. * The finish is a sealer soak, plus two coats of…

$269.95 - $329.95

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