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Sawyer Blades

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Sawyer Laminated Fir Oar Blade - Item #77282.01
Lightweight, tough and durable, the Sawyer Laminated Fir Oar Blade will take a beating year after year while keeping that beautiful classic look. * Laminated straight-grained Douglas fir forms the blade's lightweight core. * Northern ash edges add strength and durability. * An epoxy-metal mesh…


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Cataract X-Wound Oar Shaft - Item #77316.01
…so they are only available in black. * Like the SGG oar shaft, the X-Wound flexes and rebounds like wood without the weight or need for maintenance. * Cataract, Carlisle and 1 5/8" shank Sawyer blades fit in these shafts. * You've asked for a lighter oar shaft, and Cataract has come through!

$175.95 - $194.50

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Sawyer Wide DyneLite Oar Blade - Item #77284.01
…* Sawyer guards the edges of the blade with abrasion-resistant Dynel™ material to repel nicks and shark bites. * The blade tip has a 1" wide wrap-around Dynel/Kevlar band to battle rocks. * The thin profile ensures a smooth, quiet entry that fishermen love. * At only 2.3 pounds, this blade



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Sawyer Duramax Oar Blade - Item #77281.01
Extremely strong, the Sawyer Duramax Oar Blade can take the punishment of running swift rocky streams. The glass-filled polypropylene blade has a burly aluminum core for added strength. * Sawyer's threaded nylon button locks the blade's aluminum shank securely to the oar shaft. * Fiberglass added to…



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Sawyer Vinyl Oar Tip Protector - Item #77279.01
Sawyer oars from damage with Sawyer Vinyl Tip Protectors. Tough vinyl saves oar blades from chips and cracking by putting a layer of vinyl between the blade and any water hazards. * These are compatible with all standard sized curve-tipped Sawyer oars. That includes all items we carry from Sawyer. *…



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Sawyer Tite Set Oar Blade Tool - Item #77285.01
The Sawyer Tite Set Oar Blade Tool is the perfect accessory for attaching and removing Sawyer blades from your oars. * Sawyer uses their exclusive Tite Set button to anchor their removable blades in the oar shaft. * Turn the button counter-clockwise with the Tite Set Tool to raise it up into the…


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Sawyer Wide Ash V-Pro Oar Blade - Item #77283.01
…* Tough Dynel/Kevlar blade tip protector adds strength and durability. * Sawyer soaks the blade in sealer, then adds two thick coats of the finest marine-grade spar varnish for long-lasting protection. * A threaded nylon button screws out to lock the blade into 1 5/8" Sawyer, Cataract and Carlisle…



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Sawyer Standard Utility Oar - Item #77276.01
The Sawyer Standard Utility Oar is an excellent choice for fishing pontoon boats and other small craft. There's just nothing like a wooden oar! * Laminated from specially selected straight grain Douglas Fir for a light, stiff and stable oar. * Blades have a slight crown for a smooth, controlled…


$59.95 - $89.95

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Sawyer S/P Lights Oar - Item #77277.01
The Sawyer S/P Lights Oar is the choice of the Northwest's professional Drift Boat Guides. They're light, they're wood, they're tough... and they're beautiful. * Laminated from specially selected straight grain Douglas Fir for a light, stiff and stable oar. * The blades have a slight crown for…


$259.95 - $289.95

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Sawyer Glide Canoe Paddle - Item #77150.01
…excellent paddle control. * The laminated Ponderosa Pine, walnut and White Ash (blade edges) wood blade feathers cleanly through the water, and the Rock Shield™ wrapped tip provides long-term durability. * Sawyer soaks the Glide in sealer, then adds two thick coats of the finest marine-grade…



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Sawyer Pro Stick Paddle - Item #77152.01
…The tough-as-nails 7" x 23" blade is built to take the harshest abuse the river can dish out. * A laminated wood core keeps the blade light, while the fiberglass overlay, Dynel™ fiber edging and Dynel-Kevlar® tip provide its legendary durability. * The Sawyer Pro Stick - perfect for big…



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Sawyer Kids Tales Canoe Paddle - Item #77154.01
…water throughout the stroke. * An efficient blade shape in fiberglass-reinforced ponderosa pine holds up to paddling's abuse and is sized for a kid's strength. * Universal T-grip fits a smaller hand and gives good paddle control. * One side of the blade has a whimsical creature picture. The other…

$39.95 - $42.95

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