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Screw Mounted Tie Down Kit

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Informational: Screw-Mounted Tie-Down Kit Instructions

…* Place screw in the pre-drilled hole and tighten until screw heads are flush with the eyelets. Suggestions for Lacing * Place the tiedown kit eyelets across from the eyelets located on the bags. * Lace the eyelets together in an hourglass design using 3mm canoe lacing. * Tie off the canoe…

Informational: NRS Inflatable Boat Use and Care Instructions

…the plastic cover. Then press down the spring loaded stem inside the valve and turn counterclockwise. The valve will lock in the open position. To close the valve, push down on the stem and turn clockwise. The stem will pop up into the closed position. Finally, screw the plastic cap back on to…

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