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NRS Pennel Orca Exterior Seam Tape 2.5" x 60" - Item #38000.01
Replacement Exterior Seam Tape used to reinforce Pennel Orca® Boat seams to make for a cleaner finish. We recommend Clifton Hypalon Adhesive (item #1904) for adhering these strips to your boat. Role Size is 2.5" x 60"



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Interior Pennel Orca Seam Tape 1.5" x 96" - Item #38001.01
Replacement Interior Seam Tape used to reinforce Pennel Orca® Boat seams. Roll Size is 96"L by 1.5" W


NRS Exterior Seam Tape 2.5" x 72" - Item #38011.01
Replacement exterior seam tape used to reinforce Pennel Orca® boat seams to make for a cleaner finish. Size: 2.5" x 72"


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Gear Aid Seam Grip - Item #33506.01
Seam Grip is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. This urethane adhesive works great for repairing technical outerwear, tents, latex gaskets and so much more. * Great for filling holes, just back the hole with tape and apply Gear Aid Seam Grip, let it dry and remove the tape. * Repair seams,


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NRS Rogue Gloves with HydroCuff - Item #25018.01
…conditions. * 2-mm neoprene core with titanium laminate adhesive keeps you warm yet remains thin enough to preserve manual dexterity. * Fully taped outer seams coupled with neoprene HydroCuffs™ at the wrist help seal out water, maximizing warmth. * The grippy pattern on the palm gives you a…



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Level Six Ace Sprayskirt - Item #52528.01
…of the skirt shrugs off paddle wear. * The stretchy 2-mm neoprene tunnel gives you a snug, watertight fit without the anaconda squeeze. * Urethane glue on the underside of the deck surrounding the rand provides extra reinforcement. * The seams are glued, stitched and taped for total waterproofness.



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Aquapac Wet & Dry Backpack - 788 - Item #55315.02
…separate your wet and dry things (or dirty and clean things) stowed safely in the same bag. * PU-coated fabrics with taped seams prevent water from seeping in through the seams, even where they are sewn. * A quick-access key pocket means there is no need to scrabble around inside the bag for those…



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NRS Pennel Orca Footcups - Item #37360.01
When digging for the big waves, your NRS Footcups will hold you in! V tape on all stress-bearing seams prevents ripping. Pennel Orca® material and 3" wide webbing with reinforced stress points add durability. The toe is blocked in for safety. The best footholds on the market.



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NRS Neo Touring Sprayskirt - Item #52550.01
…* The rugged bungee rand and sticky rubberized inner deck coating firmly grip your cockpit rim, preventing slippage and implosion. * Fully taped watertight seams throughout the 1.5-mm deck and tunnel ensure the driest ride. * The stretchy tunnel fits snug without constricting. No "anaconda squeeze".



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NRS Maverick Gloves with HydroCuff - Item #25017.01
…warmth in, the Maverick is definitely a cut above. * 2-mm neoprene with titanium laminate adhesive provides plenty of warmth. * LiquidSeam glued seams keep water out vastly increasing the warmth of this glove. * The neoprene HydroCuff™ grips your arm, helping keep water out and warmth inside…



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NRS Expedition Sock with HydroCuff - Item #30014.02
…neoprene with Titanium provides superb insulation, protecting you from even the most extreme conditions. * Glued, blind stitched and fully taped seams seal out water in all but over-the-sock submersions. * The neoprene HydroCuff™ at the top helps seal out water increasing warmth. *…



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NRS Sandal Sock - Item #30010.01
…of a full size wetsock. * 2-mm neoprene with titanium laminate adhesive adds maximum warmth with minimal bulk. * Glued, blind-stitched and fully taped seams reduce the flow of cold water keeping your toes nice and toasty. * The HydroCuff™ top creates a comfortable seal around your ankle. * The…



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