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Shade Tarp

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Informational: Too Much Heat or Not Enough

…(sponging with water to induce evaporative cooling works well), re-hydration with cool, nonalcoholic beverages, a small amount of salty food, shade and rest. Water we drink in excess of what our body can absorb gets passed out as urine. We can absorb approximately a quart an hour, so it's better…

Informational: Clyde's Grand Canyon Blog: Personal Gear List

…clothes quite a lot. We’ll have sun showers along and you can do laundry along the way. Apparel * Hats – 2 or more, brimmed ones that shade the face, ears, neck. Chin strap, some way to keep it on your head. * Sunglasses – 2 or more pair, along w/ retainers – Chums, Croakies,…

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