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Informational: Gear Checklist – Rafting Trip Gear
…______________________________________ Tents [ ] ______________________________________ Ground Tarps [ ] ______________________________________ Solar Showers [ ] ______________________________________ Kitchen: Stove [ ] ______________________________________ Gas Hoses & Stove Adapters [ ]…

Informational: Clyde's Grand Canyon Blog: Community Gear List
…Clyde will see about getting at least one of the new Eco-Safe units, which are 50-use. * Toilet screening - Dave * Sun showers – Clyde, Dave (2), Al * Sun shower screening - Dave * Firepan – barbeque grill – Alan * Charcoal lighting chimney – Dave thinks Clyde has…

Informational: The Clean Waste Toilet System
…* Stands 6'6" tall, base 4' x 4' * Weighs 6 pounds * Has three screened windows with covers and zip close door * Inside storage pocket * Flap for shower * No floor for sanitary reasons The TOTE™ * Carries entire toilet system * Made with a sturdy black fabric and heavy duty zippers * Padded…

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Informational: Basic Gear for Kayak Fishing Safety
…I spent a day fishing in Florida?s famous flats, where a mile from launch I was still fishing in 18? of water that was warmer than I like to shower in. While water temperature isn?t something to be concerned about in that situation, the sun exposure can be damaging. Lightweight, moisture wicking…

Informational: Gear Checklist – Camping Gear
…or Shade Canopy Water Containers Water Filter/Purifier Lantern Folding Shovel Saw/Hatchet Chairs Firepan w/ Grill & Cover Ash Container Sun Shower Fire Wood and Kindling Rope Waterproof Matches Medical Kit Tool Kit Dry Bags - Various Sizes Mesh Bags Bug Repellant Biodegradable Soap/Shampoo…

Informational: Clyde's Grand Canyon Blog: Personal Gear List
…trip. And you can read a blog written from the river. Don’t overpack! You’ll stay in the same clothes quite a lot. We’ll have sun showers along and you can do laundry along the way. Apparel * Hats – 2 or more, brimmed ones that shade the face, ears, neck. Chin strap, some way…

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Informational: West System G/flex Epoxy Adhesive
…more uses for G/flex. Glue and repair leather and synthetic shoes and boots, seal gutters and drains, bond coated and uncoated fabrics. Repair spas, snowmobile and motorcycle fenders, tubs and showers, tool handles, hockey sticks, tennis and racquetball rackets, household ceramics and so much more!

Informational: Feedback on the Dry Drowning Article
…never heard of the idea that a splash of water could set this off, but it makes a lot of sense to me as I have had a terrible episode while in the shower, and several while eating foods that make my mouth water. I have learned to control the frequency and severity of the attacks by #1, I am very…

Showing 1 - 8 of 8