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Side Rails

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NRS Frame Side Rails with Plugs - Item #90040.01

Outstanding quality guaranteed. Why is an NRS frame the best? Size to fit ANY raft. Completely adjustable for ANY size rower. Fully customizable: any person can have a frame to meet their needs. LIFETIME warranty. Premium frames at a great price. Sold as a pair, or as a set of 4 for 107"-120"…

$50.00 - $200.00

NRS Frame Side Rail Racks - Item #93010.03

…your Side Rail Racks. * These racks are made with an 8 inch by 3-, 4- or 6-foot piece of 3/4 inch Quad-Grip marine-grade plywood. The surfaces of the plywood are covered with durable plastic laminate. The upper surface has a super grippy texture. * The Quad-Grip is connected to the side rails with…


$139.95 - $149.95

NRS Unbendable Pipe 1-5/8" Anodized - Item #91002.01

Made with 1-3/8" inner dimension 1-5/8 outer dimension anodized aluminum. The unbendable pipe is great to customize your side rails or add that extra cross bar. If you need lengths broken down into certain sections, please specify in the comments section when placing an order. Sold by the foot.…



NRS Frame Breakdown Side Rails - Item #90041.01

Our Breakdown Side Rails use a solid piece of aluminum in a slip joint for superior strength. Breakdown Side Rails are easier to transport and store. The cut on each rail is in the middle.


Yakima Outdoorsman 300-Compact - Item #62533.01

…stands - one for either side of truck bed. * Use standard Yakima round crossbars (sold separately) with the Outdoorsman. * Stands are designed for compact pickups. For full-size trucks, use Item # 62532.01, Outdoorsman 300 - Full-Size. * Stand dimensions: 26" tall (from bed rail), base is 16" long.


NRS Lower Cat Rail Spreader Bar - Item #93001.01

…lower side rails on our 66"W and 72"W yoke-style cataraft frames. * Weight on the Cargo Floor causes the lower side rails to bow slightly and the floor to sag. * The Spreader Bar prevents that bowing and helps keep the floor "trampoline tight". * The Spreader Bar attaches to the lower side rails


NRS Frame Stern Side Rails - Item #90022.02

…to a motor boat by using a pair of NRS Stern Side Rails to connect our Motor Mount to your raft frame. Great for fishing or those slow, flatwater stretches. * Made with our standard NRS Frame Pipe, 1-5/8" OD 6061-T6 aluminum pipe. * The Stern Side Rails attach to your frame using our LoPro™…


NRS Bighorn II Raft Frame - Item #92003.04

…boat. * Components: Side Rails, Universal Seat Mount, five Cross Bars, Foot Bar, Low-Back Drain-Hole Seat, 8" Oar Mounts, four 9' NRS Tie-Down Straps, eight Strap Slides. * NRS frame systems are the easiest frame systems on the market to customize. Add accessories like Side Rail Racks, Casting…



NRS Frame Sport Cat Drop Side Rails 88" x 6" - Item #92074.02

…Sport Cat Drop Side Rails fit your small cataraft without interfering with the inner d-ring placement. * These side rails drop 5 1/2" from the top cat tube to the center of the drop rail. See these rails used with the NRS Sport Cat Frame (item # 92072.02). * The Sport Cat Drop Side Rails attach to…


NRS Frame Standard Drop Side Rails - Item #90043.02

Turn your large raft frame into a cataraft frame or keep your yokes at home using the NRS Standard Drop Side Rails. * These lower side rails have a fixed length but can be attached to any crossbars using our LoPro™ Frame Fittings. * Made from hot-forged aluminum alloy for a strength-to-weight…



NRS Sport Cat Frame - 66"W X 88"L - Item #92072.04

…choice for the AIRE Ocelot. * The drop side rails sit 5.5" (center-to-center of the rails) below the top side rails to provide the appropriate distance for strapping down the frame through the D-rings. * The drop rails extend to the ends of the top side rails so other cross members can be located…



NRS Universal Frame - 66"W x 108"L - Item #92064.04

…72" yoke frames. * The 108" side rails are made in two sections (72" and 36"), using our Breakdown Side Rail Adapters. This makes shipping cheaper and flying a frame into remote areas feasible. * Removing the Drop Rails and using the 72" sections of the side rails, you can create Bighorn I, Compact…


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