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Tributary Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak - Item #87126.02

…on lakes, bays and easy rivers. The Tributary Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak even comes with a removable skeg to help you paddle a straight course. * The ribbed floor chambers and removable skeg work well to assist smooth flatwater paddling and improve tracking. * An inflatable IK like the Sawtooth…


NRS Fin Replacement Plate - Item #86104.01

The NRS Fin Replacement Plate holds the fins (also called skegs) used on NRS inflatable SUP boards and the NRS Pike Fishing IK. * Easily attaches to your inflatable SUP board or NRS Pike with Stabond Adhesive, item number 38704.01. * To attach this plate to a rigid fiberglass, composite or plastic…



AIRE Super Lynx Kayak - Item #87053.01

…be strapped in just where you need them in the boat. * Pairs of cargo loops line the inside of the tubes for easy lashing in gear and the seats. * Comes with a removable aluminum skeg for improved tracking on flat water. * Top-quality Leafield B7 valves provide trouble-free inflation and deflation.



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