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Skidguard Frame

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NRS Side Rail Racks
NRS Side Rail Racks - Item #93010.02
Skidguard marine grade plywood. The surfaces of the plywood are covered with durable plastic laminate. The upper surface has a grippy texture. * The Skidguard is connected to the side rails with two LoPro Fittings. The short stubs of frame pipe affixed to the LoPros are attached to the Skidguard

$139.95 - $149.95

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NRS Stern Raft Frame
NRS Stern Raft Frame - Item #92007.02
…station just how you like it. * The Stern Frame with Skidguard Seat (Item # 92009.02) is popular with outfitters who stack their boats with frames on. * The heart of the NRS frame system, the LoPro™ Fitting allows complete adjustability for all frame parts. Now made in stronger, lighter…


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CUSTOM NRS Skidguard Frame - Small - Closeout
CUSTOM NRS Skidguard Frame - Small - Closeout - Item #89000.17
…no-fuss NRS Skidguard Raft Frame gives you a rowing station and passenger seating at a budget-friendly price. * Commonly used on smaller rafts for fishing and day-trips. * Two 1' wide Skidguard plywood seats form the heart of this traditional raft frame. * 3/4" marine-grade Skidguard plywood…

On Sale: $195.30 $279.00

NRS Stern Frame with SkidGuard Seat
NRS Stern Frame with SkidGuard Seat - Item #92009.02
…Stern Frame adjusts to fit any stern tube height. * The 4' long, 1' wide Skidguard Seat attaches to the Seat Bar and Foot Bar with conduit clamps. * 3/4" marine-grade Skidguard plywood features a tough, slip-resistant plastic laminate finish for long-term durability. * The Stern Frame with Low-Back…


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NRS Frame Casting Platform For Front Thigh Hook
NRS Frame Casting Platform For Front Thigh Hook - Item #93043.02
…Hook, Item # 93026.02. * The roomy marine-grade Skidguard plywood deck provides solid footing, even when it's wet. * Patented NRS LoPro™ fittings provide easy installation and adjustment. * Recommended for rafts that would take a 60" wide frame or larger. Attaches to a ≥60" Angler Seat…


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NRS Rear Casting Platform
NRS Rear Casting Platform - Item #93041.02
…compartment of rafts taking a frame 60" or wider. The Small fits in boats with a 54" or narrower frame. * The platform is made from our 3/4" Skidguard™ marine-grade plywood. The textured laminate surface gives you good footing. * Clamps with our LoPro™ Frame Fittings to any NRS Crossbar…

$215.00 - $230.00

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