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Sun Gloves

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NRS Cove Gloves - Item #25020.02

Purpose-built for long days rowing and paddling, the NRS Cove Gloves' full-finger design delivers UPF 50+ sun protection, superior grip and blister prevention. * A full-fingered version of our popular Boater's Gloves, the NRS Cove Gloves are a perfect choice for warm weather rafting, kayaking,…


NRS Skelton Gloves - Item #25038.01

…ultralight fingerless fishing gloves provide complete sun protection and improved grip without overheating your hands or limiting your dexterity. * Our H2Core™ Rashguard material breathes freely, wicks moisture and delivers UPF 50+ protection from the sun's harmful rays. * Open-finger design…



NRS Castaway Gloves - Item #25019.01

…to eliminate hot spots when paddling, rowing and fishing. * H2Core™ Rashguard fabric on the back of the glove stretches four ways, breathes readily for cooling and dries quickly. And it gives you UPF 50+ sun protection for your hands. * Pairing snaps on the cuffs help keep the gloves together.



NRS H2Ozone Sun Sleeves - Item #10406.01

NRS H2Ozone Sun Sleeves give you on-the-fly protection from sun, chill and bugs. They store easily in a pocket and deliver big when you need them. * 6.3 oz. nylon/spandex fabric breathes freely and wicks moisture away while delivering UPF 50+ sun protection. * Form-fitting articulated design for…



NRS Cove Gloves - Closeout - Item #25020.01

…50+ sun protection. * Tough Amara® synthetic leather palm gives superior grip and blister protection without restricting your finger movement. * The wristband has a hook-and-loop closure tab, such as on a bike or golf glove, for a secure, easy fit. * Pairing snap on wrist helps keep the gloves


On Sale: $15.95 $22.95

NRS Varial Hoodie - Item #10008.01

…and on the water, without taking off the shirt. * Friction-free seamless underarms ensure paddling, rowing and poling comfort, and we build these panels with our H2Core Silkweight fabric for max breathability. * Thumb loops in the sleeves prevent vulnerable gaps between your sleeves and sun gloves.



NRS Men's Axiom Gloves - Closeout - Item #25034.01

…the most comfortable glove you can paddle in. Stretchy sun-protective back, grippy ventilated palm, in an open-finger design. * Silkweight H2Core™ fabric in the glove back stretches four ways, breathes readily for cooling and dries quickly. And it gives you UPF 30 sun protection for your…


On Sale: $12.45 $24.95

NRS Women's HydroSkin Gloves - 2013 Closeout - Item #25015.01

Cold hands sure make a day miserable. NRS Women's HydroSkin Gloves are your ticket to warmth and an enjoyable day boating. Lightweight comfort that also protects you from blisters and the sun. * The 0.5 mm Terraprene™ neoprene core insulates and protects. * 4-way stretch PowerSpan™ outer…


On Sale: $15.95 $39.95

NRS Men's Axiom Gloves - Closeout - Item #25034.02

Gloves give you maximum blister protection for paddling and rowing, plus UPF 20 protection for warm days under the sun. * The synthetic leather palm is specifically designed for comfort while paddling or rowing, with extra protection in key wear zones. * Silkweight H2Core™ fabric in the glove


On Sale: $17.50 $24.95

NRS Women's Boater's Gloves - Closeout - Item #25006.02

NRS Women's Boaters Gloves are ideal for any type of warm-weather boating. Lightweight backs, tough palms and three-quarter fingers. Great protection from sun and blisters, plus excellent finger dexterity. * With lightweight spandex backs, these gloves are cool, comfortable and quick-drying. They…


On Sale: $9.95 $19.95

NRS Storm Cap - Item #15046.01

…Plus it prevents that shudder-inducing clammy feeling when you don it in the morning. * The sturdy, flexible bill provides shade from the sun and helps keep water from dripping into your eyes. * The stretchy, comfortable no-buckle chin strap makes the cap easy to put on, even when wearing gloves.


NRS Women's Boater's Gloves - Item #25006.04

The NRS Women's Boater's Gloves combines lightweight UPF 50+ material on the backs with rugged synthetic leather on the palms to deliver an open-fingered glove that can keep up with long days on the water. * H2Core™ Rashguard material on the back of your hand dries quick, stretches with the…


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