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Two Piece Oar

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Cataract Mini Cutthroat Oar - Closeout - Item #77318.01

…submerged oar blade surface area allows for maximum propulsion in low water conditions. * The Mini Cutthroat Oar is the perfect oar for travel or boaters with smaller rigs. The two-piece shaft option features a push-button slide sleeve in the center of the oar shaft, allowing the oar to be easily…


On Sale: $103.95 $130.00

Cataract Kickboat 2-piece Oar Shaft with Wrap - Item #77321.01

…shaft accepts the Mini Cutthroat and Mini Magnum blades. These blades float. * The KBO is not a replacement for the larger oars (SGG, SGX, X-Wound). With its smaller shaft and blade, this oar is perfect for small boats and milder water, especially if portability and compact size is important to you.


NRS Outlaw 142 Raft Fishing Package - Item #outlaw142fp

…frame and attach the two removable thwarts to make this into a great paddle boat for the whole family. * 12 stainless steel 2" D-rings and 4 carrying handles round out this great boat. * Here are all the frame pieces that come in the package. All you'll need to add are oar shafts, blades, oarlocks…

Werner Camano Paddle - Bent - Item #75517.02

The Camano, with Werner's with Neutral Bent Shaft, is the perfect paddle for kayakers who use a relaxed, all-around touring stroke. It features a popular low-angle, mid-size blade design. * Werner's exclusive Neutral Bent Shaft positions your hands for the best balance, comfort and control, helping…



Carlisle 2-Piece Oar Shaft - Item #77257.01

Proven around the world, Carlisle's tough, maintenance-free, quality aluminum oar shafts give you maximum strength and performance. * Shaft lengths are listed as the final length, which will include the approximately 27" long blade you choose (sold separately). For a list of ACTUAL shaft lengths,…



Carlisle 2-Piece Economy Oar - Item #77252.01

The Carlisle Economy 2-Piece Oar is your clear choice for a lightweight, compact oar for your small row boat or personal fishing craft. * The tough 1-3/8" aluminum shaft breaks into two easily managable pieces and assembles quickly with a secure button lock. * The 5.5" x 26" UV-resistant plastic…



Carlisle Blade Push Button Assembly - Item #77251.01

This replacement push-button assembly works in full-size Carlisle oar blades, oar shaft extenders and two-piece oar shafts. Not for Carlisle Economy Oars.



Werner Zen 95 3-Piece Travel SUP Paddle - Item #75906.03

The three-piece Werner Zen 95 Travel Adjustable SUP Paddle breaks down to fit in your gear bag, features a stiff and elegant blade with just enough flex in the shaft. * Werner's Premium Performance paddles are the most impact resistant and offer the ideal combination of lightweight, stiffness and…


Werner Thrive 95 3-Piece Travel SUP Paddle - Item #75908.02

The three-piece Werner Thrive Travel Adjustable SUP Paddle breaks down to fit in your gear bag and features a fiberglass shaft and blade for cleaner more powerful strokes. This adjustable paddle not only fits the entire family, but it's easy to keep it within the family budget, too. * Werner's…


NRS PTR Take-Apart Kayak/Rec Paddle 45 Degree - Item #77104.01

A great two piece paddle for beginning boaters or for use as a spare on big trips. Constructed of high-impact ABS plastic and aircraft-grade aluminum this paddle will stand up to hard, everyday use. * The NRS PTR Take-A-Part paddle has high-impact ABS plastic blades and a high-strength,…



NRS PTS SUP Paddle - Item #77112.01

…paddling style. * Two paddle lengths to choose from - Short Length: 72"-81" with 4 adjustment points and Long Length: 79"-91" with 5 adjustment points. * These paddles break into two pieces. The 72"-81" length breaks into 56" and 34" pieces and the 79"-91" breaks into 63" and 34" pieces. * Ergonomic…



NRS Frame Side Rail Racks - Item #93010.03

…with an 8 inch by 3-, 4- or 6-foot piece of 3/4 inch Quad-Grip marine-grade plywood. The surfaces of the plywood are covered with durable plastic laminate. The upper surface has a super grippy texture. * The Quad-Grip is connected to the side rails with two hot-forged aluminum pegs. The pegs are…


$139.95 - $149.95

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