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USED NRS Tyrant 4 Inflatable SUP Board - Closeout - Item #87500.54
…* 2-year warranty.NRS SUP boards are not available to ship to Hawaii. Specifics about this item: This item has been used but still in good condition. They have scuff marks from use and/or handling and Aquaseal-reinforced seams. Included: Two 2", two 5" and one 9" fins High-pressure pump Pressure…

On Sale: $796.00 $995.00

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USED NRS 14' River Cataraft - Closeout - Item #87500.11
…security in emergency situations. * 8-year retail warranty. * Repair kit included. * Frames sold separately. Specifics about this item: This boat is used. It had some nose cone repair work done. There are 9 extra d-rings on the right tube and 8 on the left tube. The tubes are in good condition.

On Sale: $1756.00 $2195.00

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USED NRS 16' River Cataraft - Closeout - Item #87500.42
…* No warranty remains on this boat. * Repair kit included. * Frames sold separately. Specifics about this item: These used cataraft tubes have some marks from the frame and use on the water. There are Aquaseal reinforcement spots on the bottom where the fabric was bubbling. The tubes are in good…

On Sale: $2040.00 $2550.00

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USED NRS PackRaft - Closeout - Item #87500.09
…back of your ATV or anywhere in your rig. * Propel yourself along with a double bladed kayak paddle, raft/canoe paddle, or shoot, in an emergency use a handy tree branch. * Two inflation chambers in the tubes, the inflatable seat and removable floor insert give you maximum safety margins. * The…

On Sale: $460.00 $575.00

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AIRE Lion 14' Cataraft - Item #87023.01
…the haul. This boat has a load capacity comparable to most 16' catarafts. * With 25.5 Inch tubes the Lion 14 was designed to carry lots of gear for use on a variety of waters * At 14 feet, this boat is great for the smaller, tighter rivers where length of boat is a factor. * Four air chambers are an…


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NRS Bail Pail Water Container - Item #71201.01
Collapsible PVC bucket makes your campsite cleanup much more pleasant. Use the handy Bail Pail for hauling dishwater, putting out fires, bailing your boat or feeding your horse. Will hold up to 2.75 gallons. Size:9" diameter x 10" deep



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Summit 2 Valve for AIRE Tributary - Item #38540.01
…Rafts. The Summit 2 Valve has a blue ring inside to distinguish it from the older model. It does not have the valve stem bridge that requires a separate adapter. Used in Tomcat IKs 2005 - Present Used in Strike IKs 2007 - Used in Tributary 9.5 SF 2005 - Present Used in Tributary 14.0 SB 2004 - 2005



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Yakima QuickBack Bike Rack - Item #62526.01
…bikes. * The QuickBack 2 will accommodate up to 2 bikes while up to 3 bikes will fit on the QuickBack 3. * Arms quickly fold down when not in use. * Premium Tri-Padded feet and coated padded metal buckles protect your vehicle's paint job. * SwitchBlade™ anti-sway cradles eliminate bike-to-bike…


$199.00 - $209.00

Primus Profile Stove - Item #70964.02
Take your campsite to the next level with the Profile Two-Burner Range from Primus. Use it with disposable propane fuel canisters. Slim, sleek and rugged, your neighbors will be envious. * At 11.7 lbs the steel construction is light weight and will withstand the march of time. * Camping is hungry…


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WindPaddle Scout Kayak Sail - Item #50204.01
…boaters looking for a simple and forgiving sail to help the trip go faster. * 1/2 ounce rip-stop polyester spinnaker sailcloth, the same material used on racing yachts, is a low-stretch fabric that will not absorb water or become heavy when wet. * Easy-to-use clips make rigging the Scout quick and…


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NRS Farmer Bill Wetsuit - Item #17268.01
Providing warmth and durability, these wetsuits are the professional standard. The NRS Farmer Bill is used by outfitters all over the world. * This attractive suit is constructed of 3-mm nylon-coated neoprene for warmth and comfort. * Our unique over-the-shoulder Farmer Bill™ style offers more…


$104.95 - $114.95

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USED NRS 14' River Cataraft - Closeout - Item #87500.43
…situations. * No warranty remains on this boat. * Repair kit included. * Frames sold separately. Specifics about this item: This boat has been well used. The right tube has 12 patches over wear spots; none of which were leaking air. The left tube has 8 patches over wear spots; one of these patches…

On Sale: $1295.00 $2195.00

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