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Used Catarafts

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AIRE Lion 14' Cataraft - Item #87023.01
Strong and powerful like its namesake, the AIRE Lion 14 Cataraft will make the haul. This boat has a load capacity comparable to most 16' catarafts. * With 25.5 Inch tubes the Lion 14 was designed to carry lots of gear for use on a variety of waters * At 14 feet, this boat is great for the smaller,…


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USED NRS 16' River Cataraft - Closeout - Item #87499.04
…for fleet orders. * Repair kit included. * Frames sold separately. Specifics about this item: These cat tubes were sent to the boat factory for repair on the inner baffles. There are two 2-3" patches on the left tube, one on each side. The tubes have been well used but are still in good condition.

On Sale: $2040.00 $2550.00

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NRS Universal Frame - 66"W x 120"L - Item #92065.02
…frames. * The 120" side rails are made in two sections (72" and 48"), using our Breakdown Side Rail Adapters. This makes shipping cheaper and flying a frame into remote areas feasible. * Removing the Drop Rails and using the 72" sections of the side rails, you can create Bighorn I, Compact…


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NRS Universal Frame - 72"W x 120"L - Item #92067.02
…with our 72" yoke frames. * The 120" side rails are made in two sections (72" and 48"), using our Breakdown Side Rail Adapters. This makes shipping cheaper and flying a frame into remote areas feasible. * Use the pieces of your Breakdown side rails and your cross bars to make a raft frame either 72"…


NRS Frame Cooler Mount - Item #92997.01
The NRS Frame Cooler Mount is an excellent accessory for suspending your cooler from the frame in your raft or cataraft. * The Cooler Mount supports the bottom of the cooler 11" from the tops of the cross bars and prevents the cooler from swiveling and shifting. * The top of one side of the aluminum…



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NRS Flip Seat Mount - Item #92019.02
…supported above your raft floor or cataraft frame. If you need a different rise, contact us for more options. * Since the Flip Seat Mount puts you higher than if your seat was on a Seat Bar, the NRS 10" Oar Mounts, Item # 91042.02, are the best oar mounts to use with it. * Two sets of bolt holes…



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K-Pump Mini - Item #80075.01
…without sacrificing space. * Efficiently operated by one person. No hoses to kink and pull out. * Ergonomic design is comfortable to use, even with extended use. * Nozzle end and included adapters fit most inflatable boat valves - Leafield, Halkey-Roberts, Summit, Boston, and AD-2. * K-Pump Mini…



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Tributary Tomcat LV Inflatable Kayak - Item #87122.02
…* Play boaters will also love the quick, responsive handling this smaller duckie provides. * Like other Tributary kayaks, the LV is constructed using tested and proven materials: a PVC outer shell with double-stitched seams and 20 gauge vinyl bladders for years of whitewater fun. * Repair kit…


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NRS Lower Cat Rail Spreader Bar - Item #93001.01
To keep your NRS Cat Cargo Floor taut, use the NRS Spreader Bar. Weight on the Cargo Floor causes the lower side rails to bow slightly and the floor to sag. The Spreader Bar prevents that bowing and helps keep the floor "trampoline tight". The Spreader Bar attaches to the lower side rails with…



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USED NRS Cat Fish Frame 66"W with Extra Angler Bar - No Seats, No Rails - Closeout - Item #89000.27
A cataraft makes a great fishing platform and the Cat Fish is the ideal fishing frame. Comes with a seat bar, an Action Seat Bar, and a foot bar. The Cat Fish has room to float, fish and pile on the gear for either day trips or extended journeys. The open design offers ample elbow room for the…

On Sale: $613.25 $876.10

USED NRS Alley Cat Frame 66"W - No Seat, No Rails - Closeout - Item #89000.36
…your feet against the yoke, or use the foot bar if you don't have a passenger. * There is 31" of space between the lower side rails. * Frame includes: Two 66" Yokes, Foot Bar, Seat Bar, one Cross Bar and pair of 6" Oar Mounts. Specifics about this item: This is a used frame with scratches on all…

On Sale: $504.75 $721.10

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AIRE Inflatable Boat Repair Kit - Item #37253.02
…on your AIRE inflatable raft, cataraft or IK. All you need for fixing punctures, tears, zipper problems and other repair issues when you're out with your AIRE boat. * This kit does not contain a flammable adhesive. Included is a roll of Type A Tear-Aid Repair Tape. Use it to patch any holes in the…


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