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AIRE Kayak Cheetah Chair - Item #81000.01

…water bottle holder. * This chair can be used in either AIRE or NRS inflatable kayaks. Take it out of the boat for an excellent camp chair. * Watch the attached video for installation instructions. The straps shown attaching to AIRE IK cargo loops can also be looped through drain holes on other IKs.



Tributary Strike Inflatable Kayak - Item #87123.03

The Tributary Strike is a single person inflatable kayak constructed using urethane bladders and welded seams that can be used on day trips or lightweight overnighters. This crossover IK has something for everyone. * The Strike's unique hull design makes it a maneuverable whitewater boat, as well as…



NRS PackRaft - Item #86050.01

…back of your ATV or anywhere in your rig. * Propel yourself along with a double bladed kayak paddle, raft/canoe paddle, or shoot, in an emergency use a handy tree branch. * Two inflation chambers in the tubes, the inflatable seat and removable floor insert give you maximum safety margins. * The…



NRS Outlaw IK Handle - Item #84038.02

…another PVC IK or pontoon boat. * 5" long rubber grip gives a comfortable hand hold for carrying your boat. * 4" diameter patches give plenty of gluing area to support lifting the weight of an IK or smaller inflatable. Not recommended for larger rafts or catarafts. * We recommend using Clifton…


NRS Outlaw IK Thwart Seat - Item #85125.02

…the boat's drain holes to place the seat exactly where you need it. * The versatility of this seat also allows it to be used in the front of the boat in place of foot braces. * A Leafield C7 valve allows for easy and fast inflation. * This seat can be used in either the Outlaw I or Outlaw II IK.


NRS Outlaw IK 1" D-Ring PVC Patch - Item #84031.02

PVC 1" D-Ring Patch used on NRS Outlaw Inflatable Kayaks. These can be glued on any PVC or urethane inflatable or other surface. * Great accessory tiedown point for many outdoor uses. * Stainless steel D-ring for long term corrosion-resistant service. * Attach using Clifton Urethane Adhesive or…


Star Beetle Bug Solo Cat IK - Item #86220.01

…Cat IK has a high bow and stern rocker and a unique cataraft design making it super responsive, forgiving and fun in whitewater. A unique cataraft-style inflatable kayak, the Beetle Bug is definitely one of a kind. * The body of the Beetle Bug is constructed with 1000 denier PVC and the bottom using


NRS Outlaw IK PVC Material 1000d - 6" x 18" - Item #84028.02

Repair material for NRS Outlaw inflatable kayaks. This tough PVC-coated material can also be used for repairs on other PVC rafts, catarafts, IKs and pontoon boats. 6" x 18" in size. * Use Clifton Urethane Adhesive, Stabond Adhesive or Vynabond Adhesive when making repairs. * Material is 38 oz./1000…


Summit 1 Valve for AIRE Tributary - Item #38536.01

Two-piece, one way valve used on AIRE Tributary Inflatable Kayaks. Used in Tomcat IKs 2003 - 2004. Used in Strike IKs 2004 - 2006.



Summit 2 Valve for AIRE Tributary - Item #38540.01

…Rafts. The Summit 2 Valve has a blue ring inside to distinguish it from the older model. It does not have the valve stem bridge that requires a separate adapter. Used in Tomcat IKs 2005 - Present Used in Strike IKs 2007 - Used in Tributary 9.5 SF 2005 - Present Used in Tributary 14.0 SB 2004 - 2005



NRS Outlaw Seminole I Inflatable Kayak - Item #86043.01

…kick, oversized tubes and a wider surface area to deliver a solo IK that's difficult to flip. * Pronounced kick lets the Seminole punch up and over waves while the long waterline improves tracking. * PVC construction ensures years of use and abuse. * Drop-stitch floor insert inflates to a rock hard…


NRS Outlaw Seminole II Inflatable Kayak - Item #86044.01

…Seminole II is the perfect tandem IK or load it with gear for an overnighter. * The Seminole's unique design combines high kick, oversized tubes and a wider surface area to deliver a 2-person IK that's difficult to flip. * PVC construction ensures years of use and abuse. * Pronounced kick lets the…


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