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NRS Bighorn I Raft Frame - Closeout - Item #92001.02

…One of our most popular raft frames, the NRS Bighorn I gives you room to mount a cooler or drybox either in front of or behind the rower. * 65" and 68" frame lengths make the Bighorn I an excellent fit on many 12' and 13' rafts. * The adjustable and adaptable NRS raft frame system lets you decide…

On Sale: $552.50 $650.00

NRS Longhorn Raft Frame - Closeout - Item #92010.02

…customizations. A simple rowing frame for almost any size boat, the NRS Longhorn Raft Frame is equally suited for heavy whitewater or rowing to your favorite fishing hole. * The 50" frame length fits well on just about any size raft. * Combine this classic raft frame with a soft cooler and a dry bag…


On Sale: $403.75 $475.00

NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame - Item #92005.02

The NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame turns your raft into a gear-hauling machine. This workhorse lets you carry two large coolers or dry boxes. * The 78" frame length makes the Compact Outfitter an excellent fit on most 14' and longer rafts. * Sitting on your cooler or dry box while rowing frees up…


NRS Raft Fishing Frame - Closeout - Item #92013.02

…out, rafts make great fishing boats! The NRS Raft Fishing Frame has a comfortable seat for the rower and puts the angler up high with a padded Swivel Seat. * This frame turns your raft into a fishing machine. The fully adjustable and adaptable NRS frame system lets you customize your Fishing Frame

On Sale: $658.75 $775.00

NRS Bighorn II Raft Frame - Closeout - Item #92003.02

…88" frame lengths make the Bighorn II an excellent fit on most 14' and longer rafts. * Includes four 9' NRS straps and eight strap slides for securing your cooler and dry box to the frame. * The heart of the NRS raft frame system, the LoPro™ Fitting allows complete adjustability for all frame

On Sale: $701.25 $825.00

NRS LoPro Frame Fittings - Item #91028.02

…it to the frame pipe. NRS frame parts that include LoPro fittings are manufactured here by our skilled Frameshop craftsmen, using specialized lathes, jigs, hydraulic benders and drill presses. For best results we recommend that you only attempt assembling your own frame parts from frame pipe and…



NRS Frame 10" Oar Mount - Item #91042.02

…on our 1 5/8"OD frame pipe. * Accepts 5/8" diameter oarlocks and pins. * A pair of oar mounts includes two U-bolts with nylon lock nuts and four washers. * Singles do not come with hardware. If you don't already have hardware, you'll need an NRS Frame U-bolt to attach the oar mount to an NRS frame.


$54.95 - $109.95

Strap Slides - Item #60010.01

Package of 6 three-bar strap slides that are used to attach a one inch heavy-duty river strap to a frame.



NRS Spare Drink Holder - Item #81162.01

The NRS Spare Drink Holder can be used as a replacement for the drink holder on the Saddle Bag Cooler, the ClampIT™ Drink Holder and can be attached to the front flap of the Taj M'Haul Deck bag for a convenient place to hold your favorite beverage. * The plastic clip on the back includes the…



NRS Stern Raft Frame - Closeout - Item #92007.02

frame items are sold as-is; we cannot offer any substitutions or customizations. The NRS Stern Frame lets you pilot the raft from the back while your paddle crew supplies the muscle. It's fully adjustable to fit the height of your raft's stern tube. * Small size fits boats with up to 60" frame


On Sale: $403.75 $475.00

USED NRS Pike Fishing IK - Closeout - Item #87500.28

…Pike IK easy to carry or drag to and from the water. * Top-quality Leafield C7 valves ensure easy, reliable inflation and deflation. * Includes a 3 year retail consumer warranty. Specifics about this item: This boat was used in NRS's demo fleet. It is in like-new condition with minimal sign of use.

On Sale: $745.00 $995.00

USED NRS Baron 4 Inflatable SUP Board - Closeout - Item #87500.52

…and you're on your way to your next adventure. Specifics about this item: These SUP boards are in good condition. They have been lightly used on the water. Used SUP boards do not include a high-pressure pump, pressure gauge, Leafield valve adapter or a repair kit. Included: Two 2", two 5" and one 9"…

On Sale: $717.00 $1195.00

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