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WindPaddle Makani SUP Sail - Item #50213.01
…WindPaddle Makani SUP Sail to your stand up paddle board and let the power of the wind transport you to your destination. Folds compactly to store on your deck when not in use. * Simply clip the WindHarness rigging clips to a bungee or deck line for rigging the sail to your SUP. * This isn't just a…



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USED AIRE Force Inflatable Kayak - Closeout - Item #87499.15
…a pro. * Play in holes, surf waves and at the end of the day, roll it up to fit into your trunk. * This play boat is recommended for intermediate to advanced boaters under 275 pounds. * Repair kit included. Specifics about this item: This boat has been lightly used and is still in great condition.


USED NRS 16' River Cataraft - Closeout - Item #87499.04
…for fleet orders. * Repair kit included. * Frames sold separately. Specifics about this item: These cat tubes were sent to the boat factory for repair on the inner baffles. There are two 2-3" patches on the left tube, one on each side. The tubes have been well used but are still in good condition.


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USED NRS 14' River Cataraft - Closeout - Item #87500.19
…emergency situations. * Repair kit included. * 9-year retail consumer warranty. * Frames sold separately. Specifics about this item: These tubes were repaired at the boat factory. Some of the seams needed reinforcement. The tubes have been used for about one season but are still in good condition.

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USED NRS E-162D Nez Perce Raft - Closeout - Item #87500.99
…system) lets you easily add or remove thwarts to accommodate paddlers or a rowing frame. * Built outfitter tough, this may be the last raft the private boater will ever need to buy. * 3-year retail warranty, 1-year commercial. Specifics about this item: This is a used demo boat in great condition.

On Sale: $5000.00 $6250.00

USED NRS Outlaw 140 Self-Bailing Raft - Closeout - Item #87499.12
…and floor. * The NRS BAT™ (Batten Attachment Thwart system) lets you easily add or remove thwarts to accommodate paddlers or a rowing frame. * 1-year retail warranty Specifics about this item: This is a lightly used boat with 6 footcups installed on the floor. The boat is in great condition.

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NRS SUP Board Fins - Item #86101.02
…ones for straight-ahead tracking. Three interchangeable sizes to choose from. * 2", 5" and 9" deep fins are interchangeable on NRS SUP boards and other boards that use the same holding plate: Item #86104.01. * Fins are made of a rugged nylon-reinforced plastic that can take the hard knocks of stand…


$7.95 - $9.95

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NRS Quick Release SUP Leash - Item #50008.02
Finally, a SUP board leash that's safe to use in whitewater as well as surf. The NRS SUP Leash features a quick-release waist belt so you can safely disengage from the leash during a bad swim. * The waist belt easily converts to a calf strap for use in surf. It's two leashes in one! * The…


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Yakima SUP Brah Nose/Tail Tie-Down Kit - Item #62603.01
…and dings. * Comes with a convenient mesh carry bag. IMPORTANT: The S.U.P. Brah system is designed to tether the nose and tail of stand-up-paddle boards to front and rear anchor points on a vehicle. Additional straps must be used to anchor the boards directly to your roof rack for more security.…


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Roller Rasp Hand Tool - Item #38756.01
Handy repair tool for roughening raft material before applying glue. Use roller end over the patched surface to get a good bond. 1" dia. x 1/8" wide, ribbed wheel.



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Pro Roller Hand Tool - Item #38757.01
Comfortable to grip, the Pro Roller has a 5" wooden handle and a smooth wheel. We use it in the NRS boat factory. Choose the roller size that best suits your repair. 1 1/4" or 2" wheel diameter, with either a 1/16", 1/8" or 1/4" width.


$19.95 - $28.95

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Werner Fiji 1 Piece Stand Up Paddle - Item #75887.01
The Werner Fiji Stand Up Paddle features Werner-quality construction and design at an introductory price. A great stick for SUP paddlers looking to balance performance and affordability. * The durable fiberglass-reinforced injection molded blade and a fiberglass-wrapped shaft provide excellent…



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