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Restop 2 Disposable Bags - Item #73020.01
"bag within a bag" design to safely contain and neutralize human waste and the odor that goes with it. Dispose of it in any trash container. * The outer bag is a Mylar gas-impervious bag sealing in odor and containing the inner waste bag. * The Restop 2 system contains the odor as well as the waste,


$3.25 - $299.95

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Cleanwaste WAG Bags - Item #73005.01
…WAG (Waste Alleviation and Gelling) Bag containsenough gelling powder for 3-4 uses. * The double bag system is made from a puncture resistantmaterial. It's spill proof and hygienic. * The double bagged WAG bag is approved for disposal in any garbage can. * In addition to use while boating, the bags


$3.75 - $289.95

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Restop Commode With Bags - Item #73022.01
…your waste out. Enter the Restop 2 waste management system. Make an icky chore sanitary and more pleasant. * Restop 2 Commode with Bags contains everything needed to safely dispose of solid human waste. * The patented "bag in a bag" design and final zipper closure securely contains the waste and the…



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Whiz Freedom Zippered Carry Bag - Item #73001.01
For discrete carrying of your Whiz Freedom funnel, use this handy zippered pouch. * This heavy-duty nylon, zippered bag is 7-3/4" x 4-3/4" tall. * The zippered opening runs the full length of the pouch.



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NRS Guardian Wedge Waist Throw Bag - Item #45107.02
…safe exit in an emergency. * The internal throw bag comes completely free from the waist belt. * Webbing loops along the belt allow you to attach carabiners. Rope knots reduce tensile strength. For this reason, we make no claims regarding a rescue bag's strength. Maximum load indicated is for the…


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NRS Pro Guardian Wedge Waist Throw Bag - Item #45108.02
…throw bag comes completely free from the waist belt. * Webbing loops along the belt allow you to attach carabiners. * 1/4" Dyneema® rope has a maximum tensile strength of 2,608 pounds. Rope knots reduce tensile strength. For this reason, we make no claims regarding a rescue bag's strength.…


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NRS Pro Guardian Waist Throw Bag - Closeout - Item #45108.01
In your boat or scouting a rapid, the NRS Pro GuardianWaist Throw Bag is always there when you need it. * Features an internal throw rope in an inner bag that pullscompletely free from the waist belt for a smooth safety toss. * Pro model includes 55 feet of extra-strong 1/4"Dyneema® rope, with a…


On Sale: $69.95 $99.95

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Cleanwaste Portable Toilet System - Item #73004.01
…uses WAG BAG® Toilet in aBag™ waste kits that gel waste, neutralize odors (noperfumes) and start the decay process. * These bags comply with federal standards for disposalin landfills and will degrade along with gel and waste insix to eight months. * The biodegradable WAG BAG is approved…



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Cleanwaste Toilet System Kit with Shelter - Item #73006.01
…leg design givesgreat stability on uneven ground. * The Wag Bag Toilet in a Bag waste kits each include alandfil approved bag good for 3-4 uses, a zip-close outerdisposal bag, toilet paper and a handsanitizer. * The degradable WAG BAG contains a bioactive non-toxicgelling powder that encapsulates…


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Restop Commode - Item #73021.01
…areas now require you to carry out human waste. Even for those that don't, the removal of waste products protects the environment. Always check ahead with the area management agency to find out what they require for carry out systems. Always pack out used bags in a rigid, waterproof container.


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NRS River Wing - Item #71626.01
…steel tent stakes and six plastic sand stakes give you a choice of attachment options. * Transportation is easy with a nylon carry bag and internal accessory bags. Note to Cat and Raft rowers: oars will fit and work great as poles. * Replacement parts are available. Please call for additional…



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Cleanwaste PUP Tent - Portable Privacy Shelter - Item #73003.01
…room for taking care of business. Windows let in plenty of light yet obscure outsiders' view of the occupant. Cover flap for total privacy. Each PUP contains: a carry bag, stakes and an inside storage pocket. Secure collapsible poles stay attached when shelter is broken down. No Assembly Required.



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