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EK Floating Eyeglass Retainers
EK Floating Eyeglass Retainers - Item #70075.01
Avoid having to watch your sunglasses sink to the bottom of the river. The EK Floating Eyeglass Retainers come in small (3mm cord) and large (5mm cord) with a large foam float attached. Rubber ends slip over the earpiece of most sunglasses. These come in assorted colors, please allow us to choose.



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Orion 10x42 Waterproof Monocular
Orion 10x42 Waterproof Monocular - Item #71749.01
…the benefits of binoculars while taking up much less space in your boat or pack. The compact Orion 10x42 Waterproof Monocular is perfect for watching wildlife from the water or star gazing in camp. * This compact and portable monocular is perfect for hand-held scanning and magnified study of…



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NRS PFD Leg Straps
NRS PFD Leg Straps - Item #40017.01
…safety measure and not a substitute for a poorly fitted life jacket. * For tips on how to choose and adjust a properly fitted life jacket, please watch the video linked on this page. * To install the straps, thread both of them through the webbing loop in the back of the jacket. Then thread one…



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Performance Kayaking: The Basics and Beyond DVD
Performance Kayaking: The Basics and Beyond DVD - Item #67033.01
…Learn how to go farther and faster, with less effort. * Unlock the secret of the Eskimo roll. * Learn to self rescue in the event of a wet exit. * Watch exciting surf action and learn kayak surfing techniques. * From paddling basics to the art of navigation, this DVD is packed with information for…


Bracing Clinic "The Art of Staying Upright" DVD
Bracing Clinic "The Art of Staying Upright" DVD - Item #67029.01
…Video Series. * In his 25-years of teaching and watching how failed braces have led to capsizes, Wayne has developed a teaching method that speeds learning of the proper techniques. * He starts you out practicing the moves while watching the video. * Then, before moving to the water, he…



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