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NRS PFD Hydration Pack - Item #40022.01
…shoulder straps stow in the front zippered pocket when not in use. * The included bladder has a 1.5 liter capacity, plenty of fluid for staying hydrated during strenuous exercise. * Replacement bladders are available. * Durable outer shell material can withstand overgrown trail running,…



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NRS Big Sur River Board - Closeout - Item #86111.01
…the beach or playing in your favorite river the Big Sur is the perfect board. Deflate to transport then inflate at the water's edge. * The Big Sur's heavy duty urethane inner bladder and high volume fill valve give you unparalleled tautness. * The top is covered with neoprene for a soft comfortable…


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Tributary 13.0 Fishing Package - Item #87108.01
…tough PVC outer shell and an inner urethane air holding bladder. * The slightly diminishing tube size at bow and stern allows this raft to punch waves easier than a raft with a larger bow and stern diameter. * The two-layer system with a bladder on the inside and the durable PVC outer skin make a…

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Aquapac Wet & Dry Backpack - 788 - Item #55315.02
…mesh pockets let you keep a water bottle or pump quick and easy to get to. * Take out the removable back support/seat to dry it quickly after a soaking, or protect yourself when sitting on rough terrain. * The pocket can be used for hydration bladder, add in a bladder and clip the hose to the…



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NRS PFD Hydration Pack Anti-Microbial Replacement Bladder - Item #40021.02
…Hydration Bladder can get a case of the funk. Enter the Replacement bladder. Simply remove the old bladder and insert the new one and you're ready to get on with your adventure. * Naturally anti-bacterial polyurethane construction helps keep your water fresh and clean. * Unfilled the bladder is 6"W…



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NRS Hydration Bladder Replacement Tube and Valve - Item #40027.01
We all know it's harder to clean some things than others. Replace the old tube and bite valve on your hydration bladder for a fresh clean taste. * 3'6" replacement hose with male threading on the end. * Bite valve attached.



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AIRE Lion 16' Cataraft - Item #87024.01
…trips where hauling equipment and sustenance is essential. * With 27.5" tubes this boat is incredibly stable and has very shallow draft for low water trips. * The Lion 16 carries a load comparable to the Leopard, an 18' cataraft. * 1800 lbs. is a lot of food and gear, you might even have leftovers.…


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AIRE Lion 14' Cataraft - Item #87023.01
…a load capacity comparable to most 16' catarafts. * With 25.5 Inch tubes the Lion 14 was designed to carry lots of gear for use on a variety of waters * At 14 feet, this boat is great for the smaller, tighter rivers where length of boat is a factor. * Four air chambers are an added safety feature…


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NRS Big River Tube - Item #70005.01
…will float uncle Bubba and his dog too! * Comfortable, rugged 840-denier nylon houses a 30-gauge PVC air bladder for outstanding durability. * Two air chambers provide an extra margin of safety in the event of a puncture. * The mesh floor provides support and convenience while letting water drain.


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Tributary Tomcat Solo Inflatable Kayak - Item #87120.02
…vinyl AIREcell inner bladder. * Three chamber hull design for safety. * The inflatable thwart seat provides great back support and can be located where you want it. * High-quality Summit II valves make inflation and deflation easy. * Self-bailing floor quickly drains away water. * 12 pairs of cargo…



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Tributary Tomcat Tandem Inflatable Kayak - Item #87121.02
…chambers for safety and two inflatable thwart seats for support and comfort. * Heavy-duty PVC outer shell encloses the rugged vinyl AIREcell inner bladder. * Three chamber hull design for safety. * The inflatable thwart seats provides great back support and can be located where you want them. They…


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AIRE Lynx I Inflatable Kayak - Item #87050.02
…trips and multiday adventures. * Airtight AIREcell urethane bladders are zippered into the tough PVC outer skin for dependable abrasion protection and durability. * The self-bailing floor now has larger mesh-covered openings that bail water faster and prevent large debris from getting into the floor…


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