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Water Foot Pump

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NRS Blast Inflator Pump - Item #80060.01

…* 12 foot power cord allows you to easily inflate your boat near your vehicle. * It's easy to deflate with the Blast Pump. There are two ports on the pump - one where the air enters the pump and one where the air blows out. Simply disconnect the nozzle from the outlet side of the pump (it twists…



NRS Outlaw 140 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #86039.01

…fishing, and stability for big water paddling. And the price is unbeatable. * NRS Outlaw Series Rafts give you time-tested NRS boat designs at a price that will make you smile. * 21" tubes and a 7' 2" width give the 14' Outlaw 140 great carrying capacity and big water stability while still being…



NRS Outlaw 130 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #86038.01

…providing a stable platform for standing in the boat. * To get the rigid structure in the floor for best performance you will need a high-pressure pump. * Pile in up to 8 paddlers with the optional third thwart. * Frame wear patches on top of the tubes and extra material on the bottoms of the side…



Down River Hand Wash Station - Item #71208.01

…block that holds the water delivery spout is constructed with machined aluminum and attaches securely to the edge of a plastic bucket. * The adjustable stainless steel spout can lengthen from 0" to 6.5" above the bucket. * High-quality foot pump delivers up to 2.2 gallons of water per minute. * Six…



NRS GigBob 2.0 Personal Fishing Watercraft - Item #84001.02

…* Fishermen sit high above the water increasing visibility for spotting fish and submerged obstacles. * Using the NRS Batten Attachment Thwart (BAT) system, easily detach the pontoons for an even lighter weight kickboat. * The comfortable seat and built-in metal foot pegs give you full support for…


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