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Waterproof Hard Cases

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Informational: Rafting Put-in Safety Talk

…boat flips, protect your head from impact with hard objects like frames and oars. If you come up under the raft, get out from under it quickly, preferably on the upstream side. If possible, climb on the overturned boat and help right it. In the case that you are separated from the boat, float on…

Informational: How to Prepare for Medical Emergencies When Boating

…be purchased complete, or compiled at home. NRS carries Adventure Medical Kits, which are created specifically for outdoor needs, come in waterproof cases and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Other medical kits and supplies can be purchased at outdoor, department and grocery stores.…

Informational: Cold Water Protection and Hypothermia

…Paddling drysuits are made of a waterproof material with latex seals at the neck, wrists, and ankles. The paddler regulates the inside temperature by adding or removing layers of insulation, such as pile or polypropylene. In milder weather, a water-proof shell top or paddle jacket can be…

Informational: How to Prevent Heat Loss

…important players in preventing heat loss, in several ways. Almost all of our gear in these categories have a waterproof, breathable membrane or coating (the Rio tops and bottoms are waterproof, but non-breathable). They help keep your base layers dry in two ways – by preventing outside water…

Informational: Packing for International Paddling

…bring two. I use the Black Diamond Storm. It is powerful, waterproof to three feet, has multiple settings and a switch locking option so it doesn’t turn on inside your dry bag. * Entertainment: I always bring an iPod (in a waterproof case) with lots of books on tape, podcasts and plenty of new…

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