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Waterproof Socks

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SealSkinz Mid-Weight Knee-Length Sock - Item #30004.02

…blocks liquid water while allowing sweat to pass through, keeping your skin comfortable and dry. * Totally waterproof, breathable, and windproof. * Merino wool lines the interior of the sock for extra warmth and moisture control. * The elasticated ankle and insteps offer extra support and a…


SealSkinz Mid-Weight Mid-Length Sock - Item #30003.02

The SealSkinz Mid-Weight, Mid-Length Sock is perfect for a multitude of activities and weather conditions. It's waterproof and breathable for excellent wearing comfort. * SealSkinz patented StretchDry technology creates a hydrophilic membrane that unlike anything else on the market also incorporates…



NRS Boundary Socks with HydroCuff - Item #30015.01

No more soggy feet when getting in and out of your boat. The NRS Boundary Sock is waterproof and warm, perfect for wearing with sandals or in a boot as added protection against wet and cold. * 3-mm neoprene with titanium laminate adhesive provides protection from cold water. * Glued, blind-stitched…



Kokatat Men's Supernova Hydrus 2.5 Semi-Drysuit - Item #23008.03

…or discomfort wearing a drysuit with a latex neck gasket. * Nylon waterproof front-entry and relief zippers deliver a watertight seal keeping you safe and warm. * Neo Cinch Neck, latex wrist gaskets, and integrated Hydrus 3.0 socks keep water out. * 330 denier Hydrus Tough material on the seat,…

$505.00 - $535.00

NRS Freefall Dry Pants - Item #22520.02

Now equipped with Eclipse™ fabric dry socks, NRS Freefall Dry Pants give you waterproof, breathable comfort from waist to toe. Pair them with a double-tunnel drytop or paddling jacket for versatile dry protection for cold-water boating. * Waterproof, breathable 2.5-layer HyproTex™ fabric…



NRS Extreme SAR Drysuit - Item #22529.03

…SAR drysuit is purpose-built for this confidence. Waterproof, breathable, and built for maximum durability, the SAR will perform no matter how rugged the terrain. * Designed specifically for our hardworking rescue customers, the breathable, waterproof, 320-denier TriTon™ fabric will hold up to…



Kokatat Hydrus 3L Tempest Dry Pants with Socks - Closeout - Item #20079.02

A waterproof pant with waterproof socks! Use them for wading while fishing or getting in and out of your boat without getting wet. You can feel secure in the Kokatat Hydrus 3L Tempest Pant even if you take a swim. * A waterproof pant with socks! Are they safe? You bet. After extensive testing,…


On Sale: $156.00 $195.00

NRS Extreme Drysuit - Item #22523.03

…* Heavy-duty, flexible TIZIP® MasterSeal waterproof chest zipper opens up wide for easy entry. * Entry and relief zippers are covered with hook-and-loop sealed flaps for extra protection. * Durable latex neck gasket, wrist gaskets, and socks keep water out. * Adjustable polyurethane-coated…



Kokatat Men's SuperNova Angler Paddling Suit - Item #23026.01

…problems or discomfort wearing a drysuit with a latex neck gasket. * Nylon waterproof front entry zipper gives you a watertight seal that keeps you safe and warm. * Latex wrist gaskets and GORE-TEX fabric socks with gravel guard will ensure that water stays out of your suit from these entry…


$829.00 - $919.00

Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In Waterproofing - Item #33516.01

…* Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In Waterproofing is easy to apply. Just add it to your washing machine or laundry tub. * For best results, clean garments with Nikwax Tech Wash before applying. * Important Note: Do not machine dry garments with neoprene or latex gaskets or socks. Also, machine washing can…



Kokatat Women's Gore-Tex Idol SwitchZip Drysuit - Closeout - Item #23023.01

…3.21, with 330 Cordura® Gore-Tex Pro on shoulder, sleeve and leg high-wear areas. * Attached socks are made with Gore-Tex fabric, fully seam taped for durability and waterproofness. * Tough latex neck and wrist gaskets with neoprene punch-through protective covers. * The self-draining…


On Sale: $948.00 $1185.00

NRS Raptor Dry Bibs - Item #20027.01

…both lightweight and affordable. Purpose-built for the recreational angler, the Raptor Bibs nail the basics and offer dependable protection. * Waterproof, breathable 2.5-layer HyproTex™ fabric make the Raptor Bibs lightweight and easy to pack. * Streamlined design for maximum comfort under a…


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