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NRS Men's HydroSkin Pants - Closeout - Item #15012.01
NRS HydroSkin® pants are unmatched in fit and range of motion. They're warm when worn alone, and they stretch to fit comfortably over another thermal layer when it's really cold. * High-cut waist with draw cord will prevent ride-down in the back when you are sitting. * ThermalPlush™ inner…


On Sale: $49.95 $99.95

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NRS Men's HydroSkin Jacket - Closeout - Item #15008.01
When seas gets rough and rivers get big, pull out your HydroSkin Jacket for warmth and peace of mind. You never know when you will need that extra bit of insulation for comfort and safety. * 0.5mm Terraprene™ is thick enough to add the extra warmth you need without being bulky and…


On Sale: $49.95 $99.95

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NRS Men's HydroSkin 1.0 Shirt - Item #15032.02
1 mm HydroSkin® 1.0 provides twice the insulation of HydroSkin 0.5, without feeling bulky or restrictive. With four-way-stretch comfort and our soft ThermalPlush lining, it feels as good as it looks. * 1.0 mm Terraprene™ neoprene with heat-reflecting titanium protects you from chilly water…



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NRS Grizzly Wetsuit - Item #17269.01
…neoprene for superior insulation. * Cut large around the chest, waist, thighs and calves to fit even the biggest paddle sports enthusiast. * This suit combines the convenience of a full-length front zipper with roomy, over-the-shoulder Farmer Bill-style suspenders. * NRS Shoulder Extensions are…



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NRS 3.0 Farmer John Wetsuit - Item #17266.02
…* Titanium laminate adhesive reflects heat back to your body, keeping you warmer. * The extra-long, double-pull YKK® front relief zipper makes it easy to "go" on the go. * YKK® ankle zippers make this suit easy to pull on over booties. * Reinforced padded knees add protection and durability.



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NRS Men's Wetsuit Jacket - Closeout - Item #17255.01
Combine the 2-mm neoprene NRS Wetsuit Jacket with any of our other wetsuits for maximum warmth in your arms and torso. * The 2-mm neoprene with Titanium laminate adhesive increases warmth without adding excess bulk. * PowerSpan™ under the arms gives you plenty of mobility for active paddling.…


On Sale: $49.95 $99.95

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NRS Shock Sock Wetshoe - Item #30038.01
No kayaking bootie provides as much protection, support and comfort with as little bulk as the NRS Shock Sock. Fits well in tight kayaks, gives solid footing on shore and works great as a SUP shoe too. * 3-mm Terraprene™ neoprene for outstanding insulation. * Stretchy rubber stabilizing bands…



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NRS Farmer Bill Wetsuit - Item #17268.01
…warmth and durability, these wetsuits are the professional standard. The NRS Farmer Bill is used by outfitters all over the world. * This attractive suit is constructed of 3 mm nylon-coated neoprene for warmth and comfort. * Our unique over-the-shoulder Farmer Bill™ style offers more room for…


$104.95 - $114.95

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NRS Men's HydroSkin 0.5 Pants - Item #15012.02
NRS HydroSkin® is the ultimate immersible base layer. Stretchy, comfortable HydroSkin 0.5 neoprene material gives you just the right amount of warmth for cool days and cool water without feeling bulky or restrictive. * 0.5 mm Terraprene™ neoprene with heat-reflecting titanium cuts the…



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NRS Little Jane Wetsuit - Item #17261.02
The NRS Little Jane Wetsuit gives you extra warmth without cramping your style. The women's shorty cut allows more freedom of movement, while 2-mm neoprene provides core insulation. * Lightweight, stretchy 2-mm Terraprene™ neoprene keeps you warm in cooler conditions without unnecessary bulk.…



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NRS 2.0 Farmer John Wetsuit - Item #17264.02
…NRS 2.0 Farmer John Wetsuit provides the perfect amount of protection for cooler conditions without the bulk or restrictiveness of many thicker suits. * Lightweight, stretchy 2 mm Terraprene™ neoprene keeps you warm in cooler conditions without unnecessary bulk. * Generous armholes give you…



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NRS Youth Shorty Wetsuit - Item #17263.01
…people in your life from chilly water and cold temperatures. The brightly colored panels make them more visible and easy to keep track of. * The suit is made of top quality 2.5-mm neoprene for insulation and abrasion resistance. * The closed cell neoprene supplements the flotation of the child's…



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