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Yakima End Caps

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Yakima CoreBar Crossbars - Item #62618.01

…roll-formed and vinyl-wrapped to provide durability and corrosion resistance. * The sleek new aero profile fully fits with modern vehicle shapes. * Includes CoreBar SL Adapter to integrate with all StreamLine System Towers. * Bar has durable nylon Yakima-branded end caps for a sleek, finished look.



Yakima End Cap - Set of Four - Item #62564.01

Replacement end caps for Yakima Crossbars. Keep out the elements as well as unfriendly flying insects. * These Yakima End Caps push directly into the end of your Yakima Crossbars and are held in by friction. * Yakima Crossbars do not come with end caps. However, caps are included with the towers…



Yakima Strap Caps - Item #62514.01

Yakima strap caps make it even easier to tie your stuff to your rack. Replace the typical crossbar caps with ones that have a hook to stop straps or ropes from sliding past the end. * A 3/8 inch "hook" protruding from this end cap prevents rope or straps from sliding off the end of your cross bars…


Yakima RoundBar Crossbars - Item #62522.01

…in pairs, to fit the majority of vehicles and loads.. Yakima RoundBars do not come with end caps. However, the caps are included with the "Classic" Tower Sets that support the RoundBars. If you are not purchasing a tower system, then you will need to purchase the End Caps (#62564.01) separately.



Yakima JetStream Crossbars - Item #62619.01

…the laminar flow and maintains a thin boundary layer of air flow that results in low drag and a quiet bar. * Top T-slot has a push-down infill that allows you to attach mounts while maintaining air flow over the bar. * High-gloss automotive-grade polymer end caps create a sleek, high-tech look.


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